Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Navajo & Crystal New Mexico

Andrew has served in Navajo & Crystal New Mexico for the past seven months.  He really loved living there.  He has very fond memories of the people he has met and the people he has taught the gospel of Jesus Christ to.  He loves the Navajo people and wants to bring his family from Montana down there to meet them (looking forward to that) when he completes his mission.  He also has great memories of bonfires, rolling tires down mountains, mud bogging, getting stuck in the snow, turkey attacks, gutting sheep, playing basketball, eating new and interesting food, getting firewood, etc. He will dearly miss you all as he moves on to Flagstaff Arizona.
Gutting a Sheep with "Grandma" and Elder West

Sheep Fat stuffed in sheep intestine. Andrew ate it !!
Like I said above, New and Interesting Food.

Elder Andrew Baker is being transferred to Flagstaff, Arizona today (12 Mar 2013).  It's a beautiful area of the U.S. The Grand Canyon is just north of Flagstaff so we are hoping Andrew gets to see it.  The Flagstaff area is more populated and he will actually be able to shop at a Walmart.  Knowing Andrew though, he will miss the more simple life of Navajo, New Mexico.

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