Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seven Month mark!!

Elder Andrew Baker has been serving the Navajo people in New Mexico for seven months now.  He is really enjoying his mission and the people there.  He has developed some close friendships that he will probably carry throughout his life.  He actually would like to stay in this area for his whole mission.

Andrew has been training a new missionary (Elder West) for the past 12 weeks and enjoys that aspect of being a missionary.  Andrew finds the Crystal and Navajo areas of New Mexico to be beautiful with the mountains and high plains.  The winter has been cold but sunny.  One night it got to -21 F and their pipes froze in their trailer (not fun).  He said he has three blankets on his bed to stay warm.  They drive a Chevy 4x4 Colorado truck and have been stuck in the snow and have also helped a lot of people get unstuck.  The roads there are mostly dirt or no road at all so the truck definitely comes in handy.

Elder Baker and his companion have been teaching a lot of lessons on the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people there and they have several baptisms coming up soon.  According to his emails he seems to average about 25 lessons a week.  Andrew is so happy to see people change as they embrace Christ's gospel.   


  1. Are these the turkeys that chased him? lol

  2. Could be. He said the one that chased him was huge. Haha