Saturday, November 10, 2012

PICTURES - Fall 2012

The Missionary Training Center

Andrew and BYUI roommate Josh Soderberg

Elder Andrew Baker and Elder Porter Jones

Monday, November 5, 2012

Funny TURKEY Story

This is one of Andrew's latest adventures from his mission:

"We were at his guys house deep in the woods.  As we were leaving, there was this freaking giant turkey next to the porch.  I decided to reach out and pet it.  It did NOT want to be touched.  As I reached out to touch it, its eyes got real wide.  Inside those dark, black eyes, I saw pure anger.  He had only one desire.  To peck me to death.  He tried to peck my hand, but I dodged him.  He then lunged after me.  I took off running toward the truck.  He chased me the whole way.  I opened the door and leaped inside.  The turkey ran to my door, and started to peck at out truck relentlessly.  I grabbed my coo stick from the truck, opened the door and smacked the stupid turkey with it . . . this just made it more angry.  he let out a squeal of hatred, flew in the air, and tried to bat my head with its wings.  I jumped inside the truck and so did my companion (who the turkey left alone). The turkey was ONLY AFTER ME.  We then drove off before the turkey could do any more damage to our truck.  As we left, the turkey chased our truck all the way down the driveway.  Stupid Turkey. It almost killed me."

"That actually happened.  It was crazy.  I was actually scared it was going to try to scratch my eyes out or something."