Monday, July 29, 2013

Moved to Different Apartment in Flagstaff

Here is Elder Andrew Baker's 

Elder Andrew Baker
315 W. Phoenix Ave.
Apt. 4
Flagstaff, AZ  86001

Andrew is staying in an apartment with 3 other missionaries and the two sister missionaries moved into his old apartment.

Following is a quote from Andrew's latest email:

"Wow! The weather here is crazy! It's mostly in the 60's all day. It gets warm up to about noon, then the monsoons roll in and it dumps rain for hours. The streets get flooded, there's houses flooded out... trees are getting knocked down. There's huge hail here. When the streets flood, cars can't even get through. Huge traffic jams. Garbage and branches are floating down the road. It's awesome! I love this weather! Most of the work we did last week was service. We helped fill, and stack a TON of sandbags. It was crazy! Sounds a lot nicer than hot Montana! ;)  I love the weather here. However, they said that this is a very very strange monsoon season. They've never seen so much flooding before! So far, it's the 3rd wettest year Flagstaff has ever had. And the season isn't over for a couple more weeks. Whewww..."

"Speaking of the temple, I was reading a little while ago in Luke. I think chapter 3. In verse 43-45, Mary and Joseph lost Jesus. Imagine how you'd feel if you lost your kid. And not only your kid, but the savior of the world. I'm pretty sure Mary felt like she had just ruined salvation to everyone. I'm sure she was panicked, anxious, frantic, angry, frustrated, and devastated. She looked for him for at least 3 days. Then, in verse 46, after searching forever, trying to fix their problems on their own, they decided to go to the temple. I'm not sure why they decided to go to the temple, but I'd guess that they had basically given up on searching for Jesus. I'd guess that they were there to talk to god. They went to the place where they knew they could feel peace. And at the temple, they found Jesus, and were so amazed. I think each of us needs to go to the temple, or at least a place of sanctuary more often than we do. Maybe it's the woods, or the bedroom in prayer. We need to go to some place where it's quiet, where we can let out our frustrations to god, and let him help us. It's in those quiet places where we get our answers to our problems. Where we receive revelation."

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

AZPhoenix Mission Address

Please use the Arizona Phoenix mission office address for 

Arizona Phoenix Mission
Elder Andrew C. Baker
18001 N. 79th Ave.
Suite C50
Glendale, AZ  85308-8394

mail to Andrew's apartment:

Elder Andrew C. Baker
2714 N. Izabel St. #3
Flagstaff, AZ  86004

Thank you everybody for sending letters to Andrew.  He loves getting them.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Flagstaff Missionary meeting with President and Sister Taylor

Here are some photos from a meeting with the 
Arizona Phoenix Mission President - Pres. Taylor

Car Inspection - Looks Clean

A Game they were playing to get to know each other better.  
Andrew is on the right.

A Beach Ball and String.  Looks like Fun!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Flagstaff Address

Andrew Baker's Flagstaff Address:

Elder Andrew Baker
2714 N. Izabel St. #3
Flagstaff, AZ  86004

Meeting in Phoenix

Here are some pictures of 
Elder Andrew Baker in Phoenix.

This is a picture of some of the missionaries with 
President and Sister Taylor in the Phoenix mission.

These are some of the missionaries that are serving in Flagstaff, Arizona with Andrew.

Here is a picture of Andrew manning the grill at President Taylor's house.  It was 110 degrees at 9pm at night.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Some Pictures from Crystal New Mexico

Elder West, Elder Andrew Baker, Elder Jones

 Angel Moroni Pumpkin

Andrew's friend Sean

Families in Crystal, New Mexico

Monday, July 8, 2013

NEW Address & Pictures

New Address for Elder Andrew Baker:

2714 N Izabel St. #3, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

This will be his address at least until the middle of August. If he gets transferred, I will post his new address.

This is a picture of Elder Andrew Baker and his first mission president, Pres. and Sister Batt (from Idaho).  

Since Andrew is in the Arizona Phoenix Mission he has a new mission president (Pres. Taylor).  Andrew said that he really going to miss the Batts. He just loved them both.

This picture of the missionaries that are changing from the New Mexico Farmington mission to the Arizona Phoenix mission.
 (I think).

Looks like a beautiful Mt. Humphreys sunset in Arizona. 

The following is part of Andrew's email.

"Things are going pretty well here too. The weather is great in Flagstaff. It's monsoon season, so it stays pretty cool, and rains a lot. There have been two days so far where it's rained so much that the streets have flooded! It's crazy!

The work here is picking up. I got a new companion. His name is Elder Nield, from Oregon. He's a good worker. I'm glad I have him here. We're going to do a lot of good work. We are working with the ward a lot more. That helps out a lot. In the Phoenix mission, we aren't really allowed to tract. Wheewwwwwww! We do things a little differently, but hey, it seems to be working pretty well. What we do is we pick some members to visit. Then we say a prayer with them. After the prayer, we ask if they know anybody else we can pray with... they usually give us some less-actives, or even some non-members, and BOOM. Referral. It works pretty well so far. I like it."

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Elder Andrew Baker is now in the Arizona Phoenix Mission

Hi Everyone,

Please DO NOT SEND MAIL to the 
New Mexico Farmington Mission address anymore.

As of 1 July 2013 Andrew's mission has been divided and he is now serving in the Arizona Phoenix Mission

I don't have Andrew's address yet, but I will post it as soon as I get it.  

Andrew is still serving in Flagstaff Arizona and is a Zone Leader there.  He says that the people are great and they remind of the people in Missoula.  Kind of layed back and easy going.  The weather is usually in the 80's in the summer and the scenery is beautiful.

He has had some experiences with bed bugs (not his bed) and didn't know that they were real.  So the saying "Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite" rings true to him now. Yuck!!  He is just grateful that the bugs weren't in his apartment or his bed. Haha!

In Flagstaff there is a University and so there are some Sorority houses too.  He knocked on the door of this one house and it was answered by some barely dressed females.  He said he had to keep eye contact while telling them that they were there to teach about Jesus.  The girls said they weren't interested (he was relieved), he and his companion left and that is when they noticed that there were a lot of girls dressed in bikinis playing volleyball outside.  Pretty funny.  Andrew's dad told him that when he was serving on his mission his mission president told the Elders to sing a hymn when in those situations.  I think Andrew was singing some hymns that day.